COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Ohio State at Michigan

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When discussing the things that led him to Jacksonville, newly hired head coach Urban Meyer said that the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft is at the top of the list.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been the expected choice since his freshman year in college and he remains the favorite to go to Jacksonville. Meyer did his bit at a Friday press conference to cloud things up by mentioning Justin Fields of Ohio State — he arrived after Meyer was gone from the school — and Zach Wilson of BYU as other elite players, but he didn’t attempt a smokescreen about what position they’ll be addressing.

“This is a monumental moment for this franchise,” Meyer said. “We’ve seen some franchises explode and others fail. . . . It’s a QB sport. Whoever takes that snap, we have got to be right on.”

At this point, it would be a surprise if anyone other than Lawrence is taking that snap and is the player who will have an outsize impact on how successful Meyer is at the NFL level.