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Trump Impeachment Live Updates: Democrats wrap up case for conviction – CBS News


GOP senators say trial could conclude by Saturday

Several Republican senators told reporters before the Senate reconvened on Thursday that they believed the trial would wrap up over the weekend.

“We’re hoping the thing concludes by Saturday, but it sounds like we may not go late tonight,” Senator John Cornyn said.

Senator Roy Blunt also said he believed the House impeachment managers would not go late today, and that the trial should be concluded by the weekend.

“Saturday’s looking better all the time,” Blunt told reporters.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito said she had heard the end of the trial may be Saturday, but “I’m not sure that’s going to be possible.”

“I think it may be more like Sunday,” Capito said.


Senate convenes for second day of Democrats’ arguments

The Senate has convened as a court of impeachment, kicking off the second day of the presentation from House impeachment managers.

The acting Senate Sergeant at Arms Jennifer Hemingway read the proclamation, declaring senators “keep silence on pain of imprisonment while the Senate of the United States is sitting for the trial.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate is expected to follow a schedule similar to Wednesday, taking short breaks every two to three hours, as well as a 30-minute dinner break if needed.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette of Colorado is beginning the second day of the managers’ presentation, laying out how the insurrectionists believed they were following orders from Mr. Trump.


Pelosi says she will introduce legislation to honor Capitol Police

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced at her weekly press conference that she will introduce legislation to pay tribute to the U.S. Capitol Police and other law enforcement personnel who helped keep lawmakers safe during the attack on the Capitol on January 6. The legislation would award the police force with the Congressional Gold Medal.

“As we see what is being presented, we also see the extraordinary valor of the Capitol Police, who risked and gave their lives to save our Capitol, our democracy, our lives. They are martyrs for our democracy, those who lost their lives,” Pelosi said, referring to the presentation by House impeachment managers providing new details about January 6. “The service of the Capitol Police force that day brings honor to our democracy, their accepting this award brings luster to our Gold Medal.”

NEW: @SpeakerPelosi will introduce legislation to pay tribute to @CapitolPolice and other law enforcement who aided lawmakers during the Jan. 6 insurrection, awarding them with the Congressional Gold Medal

“They are martyrs for our democracy, those who lost their lives”

— Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) February 11, 2021

She also advocated for allowing Washington, D.C., to “operate as a state,” with the ability to deploy its own National Guard troops. It took several hours for the National Guard to be deployed on January 6.

“Everything has to be subjected to the harshest review to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Pelosi said of the attack on the Capitol. She said she had been briefed by Retired General Russell Honore, who is conducting a review into the events of January 6, on Thursday morning.


Biden says he didn’t watch impeachment trial live

President Biden told reporters in the Oval Office that he didn’t watch Wednesday’s impeachment proceedings live but did see news coverage of the trial. The president said he worked “straight through” the day until just after 9 p.m.

“My guess is some minds may be changed,” Mr. Biden said. “But I don’t know.”

The president said the Senate, an institution where he served 36 years, “has a very important job to complete.”

Asked whether he believes Mr. Trump could be convicted, the president did not respond.

While the Senate conducts its trial examining whether the former president incited an insurrection with his conduct surrounding the January 6 assault, Mr. Biden has maintained a busy schedule. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday it was unlikely the president would spend much time watching the proceedings.

Mr. Biden made his remarks about the trial ahead of a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators on infrastructure. He is also expected to visit the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health this afternoon and deliver remarks. 


Impeachment trial focuses on Trump’s voter fraud claims

House impeachment managers shifted attention to Mr. Trump’s voter fraud claims during the impeachment trial Tuesday, unveiling new video evidence. Nikole Killion offers a look at the big moments of the trial’s second day and Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute, joins “CBSN AM” with analysis.

Impeachment trial focuses on voter fraud clai…



Democrats to examine aftermath of Capitol attack on Day 3 of trial

House impeachment managers will turn to the aftermath of the January 6 attack on the Capitol as they wrap up their arguments to convince the Senate to convict Mr. Trump for incitement of insurrection. 

Senior aides on the impeachment team said Thursday’s arguments would turn to the aftermath of the attack, including Mr. Trump’s role. They also plan to examine the harm caused by the riots, both physical and otherwise, the president’s lack of remorse and the legal issues that apply in this case. 

“We on the team and the managers, we remain convinced that that evidence has the power to change minds and indeed we think we saw even a little bit more movement yesterday,” an aide said. “At the end of the day today, I think many of the questions raised by the senators who spoke to the press last night will have been answered thoroughly and their duty to convict will be clear.” 

Though managers would not say whether there would be new video evidence offered today, it seems unlikely that the second day of evidence would be as dramatic as the never-before-seen Capitol security footage introduced Wednesday that revealed just how close rioters came to the former vice president, senators, members of Congress, and their staffs on the Hill.   

“As bad as January 6 was, was it could have been much, much worse,” one aide said. Another added, “It’s really hard to think of a moment from the first trial where all 100 senators sat at attention and were as enrapt and challenged by the evidence as we saw yesterday.” 

Senators on both sides of the aisle — including Republicans who say they do not believe Mr. Trump is responsible for the riots — described the new footage introduced Wednesday as “powerful,” “graphic” and “horrific.”  

No Republicans emerged from the second day of the trial saying it had convinced them to convict the former president, but several indicated they were carefully considering the evidence they had seen.  

“I think they were very effective. They had a strong, strong presentation put together in a way that I think makes it pretty compelling,” said Senate Republican Whip John Thune of South Dakota. “I think they’ve done a good job of connecting the dots.” 


How to watch Day 3 of Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate

  • What: Former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

  • Date: Trial resumes Thursday, February 11, 2021

  • Time: 12 p.m. ET

  • Location:  U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

  • Online stream: Live on CBSN in the player above and on your mobile or streaming device

  • On TV: CBS broadcast stations (Full list of CBS stations here)


“That was overwhelmingly distressing”: Senators react to new video from January 6 attack

The evidence presented Wednesday showed how close rioters came to entering the Senate chamber while senators were still there. GOP Senator Dan Sullivan said that watching the footage made him “angry.”

“We knew it was going to be an intense experience, for me at least it brings back a lot of anger,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan’s fellow Republican colleague, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said she multiple emotions while reliving her experience that day with a “more comprehensive timeline.” She called it “disturbing.”

“I know that I was feeling in the Senate chamber when I could hear those voices. I knew what it meant to be running down this hallway with my colleagues,” Murkowski added. “I wasn’t fully aware of everything else that was happening in the building. So when you see all the pieces come together, just the total awareness of that, the enormity of this, this threat, not just to us as people, as lawmakers, but the threat to the institution and what Congress represents. It’s disturbing.”

Read more here.

Grace Segers and Jack Turman


New security video shows lawmakers’ close calls with rioters during January 6 insurrection

The House impeachment managers released new, striking security footage, showing how close some lawmakers came to rioters on January 6. Nikole Killion reports on the reactions in the Senate and how the new video could impact the rest of the trial.

New security video released from Capitol riot…


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