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Ontario pauses enforcement of residential evictions as stay-at-home order takes effect


The Ontario government has issued a pause on the enforcement of residential evictions after the province’s stay-at-home order took effect Thursday.In a news release, government officials said the Landlord and Tenant Board will continue to hear eviction applications and issue orders, but enforcement is paused as long as the emergency order is in place, except in “urgent situations” such as those involving illegal activity.Officials said this includes evictions that were issued but not enforced prior to the order taking effect.This is the second time Ontario has implemented a ban on the enforcement of residential evictions since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.“Our government will ensure that residential evictions continue to be paused for the remainder of the state of emergency, as long as it lasts,” Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark said. Story continues below advertisement

“We’re encouraging landlords and tenants to work together — as they have been doing for the last several months — to ensure that we keep Ontarians safe … We want to remind tenants who can pay their rent that they must continue to do so, to the best of their abilities.” Trending Stories

When the province first announced the stay-at-home order on Tuesday, a residential eviction ban wasn’t included, prompting calls for change.Some commercial evictions are already temporarily prohibited in Ontario.A stay-at-home order took effect Thursday throughout the province, mandating that residents stay home except for essential reasons in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.Modelling released earlier this week showed that if people don’t significantly reduce their contacts, the number of coronavirus deaths in Ontario’s second wave will be greater than the first. Story continues below advertisement

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Coronavirus: Ontario government unveils additional vaccine rollout plan details

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