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Local doctor shares concern about COVID-19 vaccine side effects for breast cancer survivors – KWCH


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – A Wichita breast cancer specialist shared her concerns about side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine for breast cancer survivors.

Dr. Therese Cusick said she has seen many of these patients in Wichita with a common side effect after getting the shot, swollen lymph nodes in the breast area.

The vaccine can cause temporary lymph node swelling on the side of the vaccine and it’s scaring women that their cancer has recurred.

“For the majority of people this won’t happen but for some people it does, so it’s still very very important to get the vaccination,” Dr. Cusick said. “We just want to avoid needless worry and there is no reason to cause anxiety when this is all going to get better on its own.”

She is asking women to get their shot in the opposite arm of their cancer and to get their mammogram prior to getting vaccinated.

If you already received the vaccine, she recommends to delay your mammogram 4-6 weeks.

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